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2010 Accomodation
Completion of this form is an indication of your willingness to lease out your
property during the FIFA 2010 games only. This is not a contract. A contract will
be concluded after we are satisfied that your property meets our specifications
and ownership. Fivebulls Travel Tours & Safaris will use part of the rental due to you to
improve your property so that it meets our standards. Such improvements are for
your benefit. Should you wish to do your own improvements, please consult with
us for approved list of service providers. Rentals will vary according to your property location, size & other services Generally we anticipate rentals to range from US$500 to provided. US$10,000 per day.
For convenience if you are already leasing your property, you are encouraged to engage Homes & Homes Real Estate to manage your property now so that you will not have problems with sitting tenants during the games period. Homes & homes will make sure you make the money and not your tenant.
Arrangements can also be made for your tenant to use his/her personal property
for a negotiable fee during this period.

Please fill in the form below if you agree with the terms that you have just read
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